Capturing the Moment | Telling the Story
A Natural Light Photographer,
Defined by a passion for bespoke portraiture and her heart for people

From a young age, our folks gave us the opportunity to travel the world: exploring the pyramids of Chichén Itzá, the centre of an ancient Mayan empire in Central America, relishing cheese fondues in the foothills of the Pyrenees, or watching my father run the New York or Copenhagen marathons. We were always journeying ... fully immersed in diverse landscapes, cultures and languages. Wherever I found myself, I was always looking for the detail, the beauty in things less obvious, a different perspective, a micro story within the bigger picture. I have always loved people, it is a trait of us Irish, listening to tales of times gone by, hearing different perspectives and ways of life, and getting to know the character beneath.

As time passed I drew closer to photography as I began to recognize the limitations of the human mind, my mind, to remember details, emotions, textures, colours, feelings, even people we encountered on our journeys. Photography became a security for me before it became an art.

It would take me an Honours degree in Occupational Therapy, a Post Grad Degree in Management, 8 working years specialising in Luxury Brand Management, and 20 countries later; before I would actively live out a 15 year old dream that started in the green hills of Ireland as a child; to be my own artistic voice in the world, through the art of photography.

Today I live in Cape Town South Africa, with my darling husband Leon, and two incredible children Tristian & Laragh-Brooke, for which I am grateful to God for with every breath. I love to LAUGH, I make sure to LIVE, and I seek to LEARN every day. - Aoife. x

Fan into flame the gift of God 2 Timothy 1:6